Bob Degood

Name: Bob DeGood
Nickname: Big Bad Bob
Sidekick: Golden Retriever named Kinser
Favorite Food: Hamburger
Favorite Movies: The Hunt for Red October, Cars
Not So Favorite Quotes: "Just don't hit anything", “How fast does it go?”, “Can I drive it?”

Past racing experience: Pine Wood Derby, Soap Box Derby, Slot Cars, Bicycle road racing, Karts (road race and sprint), 600cc Mini Sprint, Drag Racing (1/8th and ¼ mile)

Other RC experience: Airplanes (up to 40% scale), Helicopters (AMA National Championship participant), Boats

Current RC interest: 1/8th scale nitro on road, 1/12th and 1/10th electric on road.

Sponsors: Big Bad Bob is accepting applications for sponsorship

Recent Race Results

Tuesday, January 19th 2010
Sunday, January 10th 2010
Thursday, January 7th 2010
Tuesday, December 22nd 2009
Sunday, December 20th 2009
Sunday, December 13th 2009
Sunday, November 22nd 2009
Tuesday, November 3rd 2009
Sunday, November 1st 2009
Sunday, October 25th 2009

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